Why We’re Traveling

The decision to drop everything and travel the world for a year was not an instantaneous one. What started as a “what if” conversation (after a couple glasses of wine) back in 2014 evolved into my go-to form of escapism: scouring travel blogs, gawking at National Geographic’s Instagram, daydreaming of authentic Thai curry. My boyfriend Jeff has always had round-the-world (or RTW, as they say) travel ambitions, but the idea remained an idea — an awesome, exhilarating and ambitious idea.

But a series of events changed all that. First and foremost, in May 2015, Jeff suffered a cardiac arrest while running the Pittsburgh Marathon. After eight heart wrenching and uncertain days in the hospital (nearly half of which he spent in a coma), Jeff managed to make a full recovery. He left the hospital with a implantable cardioverter-defibrillator and, perhaps not surprisingly, a renewed sense of gratitude and zest for life.

The day of Jeff's hospital release, May 2015
The day after Jeff’s hospital release, May 2015

All of Jeff’s loved ones were deeply affected by that experience; I think it helped each of us reestablish our perspectives in some way, and certainly reminded us of how precious life is. I made the simple resolution to consciously live in and enjoy moments, no matter how big or small. It’s amazing how a tiny shift in your mindset can more or less upend your worldview; I have felt more free (liberated? unburdened?) in the last year than I ever have.

Anyone who has lived in Washington, D.C. knows how transient the city is. Having lived here for six years, I’m basically considered a lifer — but that was never my plan. I’ve been lucky enough to start my career in a place I love, but the place (and quite frankly, the career) are losing their sheen. And, compounded with the fact that our lease is up in December, the “what if” conversation turned into a “if not now, when?”

So we’re taking off in a couple short months, and have a lot of planning to do! I hope this blog will be useful and/or interesting for at least six people (hi parents), and I look forward to documenting the whole adventure.



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