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Here I am, looking all neat and combed (not for long…)

Hi! I’m Norah.

I started this blog to document my travel adventures, beginning in January 2017. My boyfriend Jeff and I will be abroad for approximately 10 months, during which we hope to visit 30+ countries across Central and South America, Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe (see The Plan for our rough itinerary).

We want to share this experience with as many of our friends and family members as possible; ideally, you’ll come join us for some leg of the trip. At the very least, this blog will preempt Jeff and my parents’ needs for frequent updates — to everyone else, I’m sorry in advance for boring you with every last detail of our travels. That said, if you do wish to receive email updates, you can sign up over there —> on the right-hand menu.

Why Key to the West? After agonizing about a blog title for way too long, Jeff came up with “Key to the West.” It’s a nod to where we first met –in Key West, Florida –and seems appropriate enough for this context. The domain is purchased, as are our flights, so there’s no turning back now!